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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

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Mittens frozen in this cold town,

But I’m on my way to believing.

Melted down to hear that sound,

beneath me that spells what I’m achieving.

Blue lines flow out of one little cloud,

Lines or stripes that I’ve earned respectively.

Sewn by angels to tame the lion from being proud,

Pray for a ballad to pose we learn perpetually.


I recall a time I paced slowly through this city,

looking at my hand seeing a small one in mine.

She asked me, “Do you think that I’m pretty?”

I said, “As I, your father, you will do just fine.”

“Is fine enough for this city?” was her follow,

she was early on, bless her for not understanding.

I answered, “Be fine enough to leave this city like the swallows,”

“See the beauty within you, and soar out to outstanding.”


Early on, when children knew the universe,

silver was diamond and diamond was divine.

Early on, when age was the only curse,

blindness became light, adolescence reached to refine.

We sing, we dance, we come to believe,

into another day where these things strip us naked.

Coats of sin, blasphemy, sorrow we once wore and received,

we’re stripped down to His beauty we once thought was jaded.


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My golden gem,
In a diamond slumber.
When the room is dim,
Shine your morning aura.

My golden gem,
In a diamond slumber.
I’ll sit and stare,
For many hours to come.

My golden gem,
In a diamond slumber.
Have fun in your dreams,
And wake today in your morning aura

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I wish you could sing.
Sing to the stars to move.
They’d move to me and I’d smile and close my eyes.
So I could enter a world absent of mirrors.

I wish you could sing.
Sing to our daughter.
Stranded on the isle in her room.
Could she ever find the boy in her dreams?

I wish you could sing.
Sing to the hungry.
So that maybe they’d build a thirst like mine.
A thirst for your voice and escape out of those minds.

I wish you could sing.
Sing to the snow to never melt.
Sing to the flowers to never wither.
Sing to the fire to calm.
Sing to the house to be strong and not burn down.
To be strong and not burn down.
I wish I could save you.

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