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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

The road behind is long and lost,
covered in glass and petals.
There were moments both good and horrid,
There were notions both clear and vague.
But, still we kept the bush burning,
Till death of no breath with soot in our lungs.
Even as we perished slowly, the bush still burned.
And even as the black came, our eyes were still open.

A change of setting for you and I,
Though expired, again we were-revived.
Again, for another play we acted in.
“Let live” we said to the flame as our performance continued.
You danced hither and fro for the crowd,
I flew along the line of the hero.
But when you tripped, my cape vanished.
And when you fell, my power was banished.
We fell together, you into my arms,
Cherished our last breath, you in my arms.

Now, I await here at my desk in Paris for you to be revived.
Sadly, I’m alone, waiting patiently for you to be revived.
I’ve blown into the flame to keep it live for when you are revived.
I’m writing to you now, to read when you are revived.
It is a memorabilia of a discovery I made, after I was revived.
The discovery that it wasn’t our bodies, but our love that was revived.
I’m certain you’ll understand, when you are revived…


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