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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

The request has been sent,

To be all over it.

Shot from behind,

through space and time.

To my brothers, sisters and islands they harbor,

send a blanket to fall at these vibrant parties.


To be all over it,

send it to the little being.

Inhabiting the bin beside the washer and dryer,

she believes that evil is above her.

Send Your red quilt to her,

to be all over it.


Possessed by claps of hands on walls,

is it You we hear in that room?

Our fingers interlocked with others,

no escaping the blanket when it falls over our eyes.

To be all over it,

for it to be all over.


A quilt knitted for three,

for her, I and You in us.

When I search for her threads,

I may as well be in misery.

Call her to clinch my eyes in understanding,

that You will always be all over it.


The world is cold,

Its riddles are even colder.

To be all over it,

I beg You to cover the skin.

What man can yell in rage,

You will be all over it before its all over.



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