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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

Monthly Archives: October 2010

Colombo. Surf during monsoons

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To make the mud even thicker,

the rain never cease to fall.

Boots aren’t meant for monsoons at all,

stopping you from sprinting with the flicker.


You walking away from fears,

it was in the manual, they swear.

To go against the grain, you’d see the flare,

it would reel you out of a pool of jeers.


The climax between dark and shine,

it takes time, but is guaranteed.

To the rescue, hear and heed,

with a jacket and a glass of wine.


To the rescue with humble steed,

won’t think twice before burning time.

Clear your face from the mud and grime,

To the rescue and for you they’ll feed.


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I’ll gaze outside the cylinder,

Outside past this pendulum.

The patterns seem to similar,

Lines in the sand from the pendulum.


I’ll dream next to the pendulum,

Far across the desert in the center.

Connecting my lines to the pendulum’s,

Drawing snowflakes I missed in the winter.


I’ll write behind the glass,

Writing what I see outside this room.

It’s startling hearing the fireworks crash,

My words should be the only bim, bam and boom.


I’ll sing to this pendulum,

It sets the tempo and I always follow.

I admire this static pendulum,

Always been here when my world became hollow.


The request has been sent,

To be all over it.

Shot from behind,

through space and time.

To my brothers, sisters and islands they harbor,

send a blanket to fall at these vibrant parties.


To be all over it,

send it to the little being.

Inhabiting the bin beside the washer and dryer,

she believes that evil is above her.

Send Your red quilt to her,

to be all over it.


Possessed by claps of hands on walls,

is it You we hear in that room?

Our fingers interlocked with others,

no escaping the blanket when it falls over our eyes.

To be all over it,

for it to be all over.


A quilt knitted for three,

for her, I and You in us.

When I search for her threads,

I may as well be in misery.

Call her to clinch my eyes in understanding,

that You will always be all over it.


The world is cold,

Its riddles are even colder.

To be all over it,

I beg You to cover the skin.

What man can yell in rage,

You will be all over it before its all over.


Ye is quite deep

But, ye couldn’t speak

Despite the words compressed in thine soul


Ye is not impaired

Ye just wouldn’t dare

tripping over thine words that would land ye in a hole


Ye is human, indeed

Ye just couldn’t trust thine steed

The one in thine mind trapped in a pin without spirit


Ye writes many proposes

She’s been to those weddings and smelt those roses

Feeling thine petals ye wrote with sincerity and spirit


Ye is infatuated with impressions

Though ye limit the world’s perception

Chained in lyrics and ballads only read, but never heard


Ye is not ready to blast off

Ye truly needs to get over thine cough

Until thine stallions are released out the mind and mouth in a herd

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There were times I wondered,

The way you trailed my line.

Till we drew our own in time,

My affection was always plundered.


Loving love again didn’t compute,

Harsh and jagged couldn’t fit in.

Being the bright yellow light on my sin,

God, using you, is indeed quite astute.


I’m yelling at the top of my voice,

Every morning, to give soft love.

Come to the dock to share love.

Your hair up or down is your choice.


Love love the way my heart loves you.

Put up a fight for your kisses,

I’ll never Miss if you accept my Mrs.

My bible and name was made for two.

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