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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

I’m losing control,

but leave it on the ground, please I beg you.

I have trouble getting over,

those letters they use.

Could it fry my brain?

Tell me I ain’t insane.

Never the same old song.

I know it, although my homies say…

I don’t know what it is!

I’m in a pandemonium, a tumult!

I yell, “You there, begone!”

I no longer miss that face in that place.

I’m losing control!

Save me from the flood,

where we swam in fire and brimstone!

Unwound me from her wooden spool.

I’m in a pandemonium, a tumult.

As men are strong, it is said.

But, all I see is fire and brimstone.

Can I please just go to bed?


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