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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

Monthly Archives: September 2010

A potion afar for a substance in my vein.

Cant crush you up and wash you down the drain.

You will be loved, but in a fashion you can’t wear.

You may feel like a seed, spat out.

But you’re really the sugar in the pear.

You cuddle in wool when I pretend to order cotton.

As delicate as your heart may be, I think I’ve forgotten.

And even if I’m laying on a farm and you’re in a church on a hill.

It may always be up to the wolves until I know how I fill.

But yet still, I’m into you.

More importantly, I’m into this.

The fact that the notes I hum match the heat in your breath.

The things that make you dance match the song in my chest.

A song that sings “you can water me down.”

Water down the red dye even if I frown.

But, only if your kisses are as sweet as I remember.

I’ll always remember the moment I saw you again in December.

It’s true, I do.

After all I’m into you.

The color you love is wrapped around my wrist.

Because once again, I’m into this.


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Mounted on top of the mountain,

yelling at everything above and beneath me.

My pain is literally an undying fountain,

and here I can let the geysers free.

I’m out here alone,

and I’m not looking for home.

Just trying to rinse the fire from my hands,

find a soft pasture where I can stand.

The lake never dried,

the stones never fell.

The clouds never cried,

For I broke the well.

All that could matter,

past the gust I can’t fight.

Is how many mountains to shatter,

with a loud caliber of my might.

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She ties the lemon fabric just right,

She’s my scout and she knows it.

There are things I’ve taught her,

Shes my scout and she knows it.

There are more shes taught me,

Shes my scout and she knows it.

Like how each hug is a splash,

She’s my scout and she knows it.

A second of revival from the Sun,

She’s my scout and she knows it.

Spreading calm colors from the ocean,

She’s my scout and she knows it.

She knows to keep kisses sacred,

She’s my scout and she knows it.

Ones of love go to imagos only,

Shes my scout and she knows it.

Curtsies are for friends,

She’s my scout and she knows it.

Waves of royalty are for acquaintances,

She’s my scout and she knows it.

She’s mastered communication at these spring affairs,

She’s my scout and she knows it.

My love and I have raised her well,

She’s my scout and she knows it.

How could I be successful without her?

She’s my scout and she knows it,

I can’t tie lemon colored ties before parties.

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I’m losing control,

but leave it on the ground, please I beg you.

I have trouble getting over,

those letters they use.

Could it fry my brain?

Tell me I ain’t insane.

Never the same old song.

I know it, although my homies say…

I don’t know what it is!

I’m in a pandemonium, a tumult!

I yell, “You there, begone!”

I no longer miss that face in that place.

I’m losing control!

Save me from the flood,

where we swam in fire and brimstone!

Unwound me from her wooden spool.

I’m in a pandemonium, a tumult.

As men are strong, it is said.

But, all I see is fire and brimstone.

Can I please just go to bed?


Selah to the unborn child.

Selah to the child in the wild.

Selah to the lamb in the grave.

Selah to the hospital of the brave.



Selah to the cardinal in the cove.

Selah to the fire in the west.

Selah to the plane that was drove.

Selah to comrade ashes on my chest.



Selah to medicine in the tent.

Selah to conspiracies the other side bent.

Selah to the olives and arrows.

Selah to the eagles pulling the barrows.


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I’ve never been out to sea

I’ve always wanted to leave my fort

Even though I made it tall to be free

I want to prove that I’m not that short


I want the Sun to call me “dude”

After it checks it’s teeth in the ocean reflection

I’d offer him some of my food

And tell him the beach is in its own perfect imperfection


I love the sound of sea beads hitting low

Low below the tide, I can hear it

teal, pink, lime, sounds like yellow glow

Snip, Snip, I hope the hemp will fit


I’m good at wasting time

Laying here in the wet sand

The Ray Bans and uke are a part of the crime

With a fake Pina Colada in hand


The water is heaven to my feet

Washing away the callouses from the farm

How am I laying in a coarse and soft sheet?

This is more amazing than Oma’s lucky charm

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Prepare yourself,

Know that its coming.

Take a peek,

Through the bleached blinds.

Search for the letters,

Spelling tears in the sand.

Dress in the satin,

your skin is softer.

I can feel it from postcards,

Ones from far far away.

I sent many to our child,

So she can build a castle of her own.

Tell her about me,

This is critical.

I sent driftwood off my boat.

It’s only a wave from you.

Light it to fire.

Near the shore tonight.

Teach her to share tonight,

As the wind tells stories to my sail.

I hate to say it,

Some tales make him cry.

I soothe him with letters from you.

He’ll be gentle when you meet him.

Sing to me tonight,

from your side of the waves.

Send me the air you breathe,

from your side of the waves.

I have the “of love” to your “tears”,

on my side of the sea.

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