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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

My hours of slumber,
burst into flames.
With you, discussions are heated,
with traces of no shame.
But tell me, why am I feeling,
the heat in your breath?
When your words are so frozen,
causing this frost-bitten mess.

But be aware in the cold of the night,
the weather will change.
Feel the red in my storm,
in your blue foothills and plains.
But, what will it matter,
when you’re absent of feeling?
Your lack of compassion,
my rain will have no meaning.

No blossoms to water,
filling canyons and valleys.
You know how to fix this,
but you’re too dark to take that bright alley.
You’d rather scream at my heart,
than scream at the swallows.
Lucky, they are to fly away,
when my heart only becomes hollow.
Hollow like your skull,
except the desires you review religiously.
Abundant like my efforts,
my resignation you honor promiscuously.
Worthless like this bed,
Lord knows I hate this bed.
Holding so many tears,
fears of each other’s apathy, we both bled.

And with that said…

I’ll pay you a thousand of my pleas,
for you to scream into my ear you hate me.
So that time will stop, our hearts will beat and so I can show you my love is free.


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