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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

Oh, I’m such a fool, such fool.
The truth in a bed of bribes.
Functions to make me miss blank after blank.
Evening after evening,
You were beneath the arched gate.
Counting hibiscus after roses.
Evening after evening,
I was above the stone bridge near the port.
Counting fisherman after clovers.
Who knew I was being waited for,
Besides you and I.
Lack of humility will be my demise.
Ungrateful of your elegance.
Grateful for your forgetfulness.
Scowled for my evanescence.
Perplexed by my lack of presence.
I’m about as round and transparent as the glass clinched in my hand.
About as reliable as my slow trips to the tavern and back.
Repeatedly, to the tavern and back, the angels are helping me stand.
If only I had the valor to run to you beneath the gate.
The courage to stare into your vespertine eyes graced by your curly hair.
The bravery to ask you, with four words, a question I can’t ask myself.
The dilation of your gems makes it even harder for a man to build confidence.
You love me so much, you’ve given up evening after evening.
I’ll be there before the bottle hits the waves.
It will never give me the right to wed you.
No matter how vespertine my thirst may be.


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