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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

In my research’s conclusion,
Many organs in the body are normal.
The kidney filters,
While the lungs breathe.
The toes long to run,
While the tongue demands to be free.
Yes, the body is amazing but real.
Simple, complex, ancient and modern.
It can heal itself and others.
It’s reproductive using a father and mother.
None the less malleable;
more so the core than anything else.
Yes, the heart and core is, alone, phenomenal .
The one organ that can be melted,
mixed and amalgamated in ways.
It drives men through twisted routes: seen and unseen.
It calls them incognito to assume incognito.
Men, masters of disguise and gents of heart-breakers.
They wear hats of diplomats,
Rosy cheeks included.
Helmets of brass,
Making them hard-headed at times.
They can wear nothing at all,
Dipping into a hippie culture sometimes.
They assume powdered wigs,
Bolstering the jurisdiction they own.
They wear fisherman attire,
Fishing for food and women.
My research predicts an infinite number of personas,
unique and simple.
I will further investigate this matter and report back in a similar fashion.


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