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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

The light from the sky between full night and sunrise,

examines insomnia and I.

It recalls my static position,

between sunset and full night,

and the unique look on my face.

The look of a world of questions,

yet to be answered.

A universe of thoughts,

yet to be released.

It melds my attention,

to the hands on the clock.

It paints me a sea to sail,

that leads to the day in my dawn.

When the voyage is complete,

I can progress to my bliss,

regress from my doubts.

Doubts in finding a greater good,

a life in a norm called society.

Doubts in finding a castle,

strong enough to tame pains,

that are so anxious to be cured.

Doubts in ever finding the “wonderful”,

hidden in a burlap sack.

Doubts of ever finding a scale,

to serenade the nations with my sonnets.

Doubts of happiness, love, success, and peace.

Doubts that make the light blare brighter,

in the eyes of my hopes and dreams.

But I have to get out. I have to let go.

I know when I feel so cold,

in a society begging me to join it in the warmth.

Because when I do give in to the heat,

the fog in my breath and the chills in my feet show that I am unique.

And when I realize that I am unique,

in the deceiving heat,

I can run past conformity and return to my twilight thinking.

So that once again,

the light from the sky, between full night and sunrise,

can examine insomnia and I.


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