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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

Singed in the Sun
Cooled in the Sea
Wrestled in the Dirt
Hiding in the Trees

Stalked in the Streets
Confronted in the Villa
Bathed in the Oil
The olives in past Era

Walking on the Clouds
Crawling across the Sand
Sprinting through the Garden
Rushing to hear the Band

Tripping over Colors
Rolling over Petals
Kissing all of the Thorns
Asking many pains to Settle

Battling a hundred Vines
Rubbing against the Stones
Igniting blood in the Heart
Vibrancy pulsating through the Bones

Swimming through the Wind
Ladybugs in the Air
Look at them near the Fountain
Above the wide courtyard Stairs
We’re almost there

Look north at the Music
Look south at your Feet
A chemical reaction so Divine
Like the smell of lavender in bed Sheets
Oh, what a Treat

Beauty pours In
Smiles flood Out
Instruments in Unison
Heaven, our new Mount
We’re off the ground No Doubt


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