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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

Sink or tread water.

There is no diving in these waters, either you’re above or beneath.
Stay afloat the twelve leagues in the sea you conquered a decade ago.

Leave your feelings of inadequacy in the water.
Ignite the dynamo in your volition so that apathy bursts into flames.
Be the splash of sunshine and scarlet in this monochrome society.
Find that special love who can see you without opening their eyes.
Challenge your pain to switch teams and become bliss.
Serve the weak so that they may feed off your strength.
Be differential in an equation so static.

Be the supply that the universe demands without elasticity.
Become the BFG every child has in their heart and that every corporation wishes they could be.

Exclaim to the masses why these walls won’t keep you.
Grin at the sharks trying to pull you under,
you’ve come so far, what are they to your dreams?
Transform thoughts into dreams, dreams into plans, plans into now, and now into the past your children will exceed.
Rob the cable car, that’s full of dreams, over your head.
Command your goals to open the windows and see that there’s a world outside your comfort zone.
Be the sheep that blesses his Shepard with the finest wool.
Hold your slingshot close in this land of dicey giants.
Kidnap the truth locked away in your heart so you become you.
Be joyful till the end, for that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven.
So, close your eyes and tread water.

Erase the old you glaring from the bottom.
Listen to the ripples singing your fight to stay on top of the world beneath you.
Look around and see there is, and has always been, more than one diamond in the rough.

We all are gasping for air, fighting the urge to stop treading and fall into the common, but average sea.


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