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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

Closer into the galaxy,
I wish to be.
For years settled behind the curtains,
counting flowers blooming on the trees.
Reaching for my wallet,
fiddling through a million smiles.
Because rich people can do whatever they want,
jumping on only the colored tiles.

Voyaging is the career in this depression,
pulling us into soft window drapes.
Twirling our cocoons in soft wrinkled fabric,
like the kids we are seeing beyond the aligned states.
Knowing its forever a beautiful day,
when you can roll through the petals.
Forgetting about the thorns with courage,
remembering to always reach for the hot kettle.

Taking high risks with higher beliefs,
flashbacks forcefully pulling you out of motion.
Walk backwards into a journey called love,
come learn how love was really never a notion.
Being free to dance at this scarlet pow wow,
you knew you had it in you this whole time.
Curly, straight, long and short beauty,
no one cares, dance, your hair will be fine.

Pull me into your arms, my lady,
kiss me for real, for once in this long play.
We’ve been rewritten for the better,
but to you, the script still has all the right things to say.

Sail with us across the seas,
yes, we are pirates of bliss on a boat.
And we’ll keep stealing from this universe,
until we each find all the memories we left in our coat.


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