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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose


The intersection of these two granite walls and floor will be your home.
Take care of it, keep it clean with your tears.
For you will cry for hours that will feel like years.
Soaking up the colors from your tears with the scenes you remember.
Wring them out and start again.
Forever, wring them out and start again.
Wring them out and start again, again.

Let nature run its course,
the callous in your sight has eroded for a reason.
To let all the pain and massacre in,
only to let a waterfall flow out.
Flowing past your nose that never smelt trouble.
Streaming past your lips, the gateway to the unspoken.
(Golden unspoken words now sour and stale)
Slackening to the end of a once kissed chin.
(A once kissed chin, meaning never to be kissed again)
Dripping parallel to an empty torso,
blessed with absent heartaches.
Only to paint the floor with each drop that’s dripped.

Wring them out and start again.
Wring them out and start again, again.
Wring them out a thousand times, if you must.
A million times, if you please.
Nevertheless, you will never comprehend the concept.
Yes, wring the scenes out and start again.
But, wring the colors into a pail versus the cold floor.


Amalgamate, accumulate, mix the colors together.
It’s a beautiful color, isn’t it?
Now stride past your ignorance,
trip and fall into courage.
Leave your home and run to him at the bench in this park.
Yes, he is pissed, the Sun is argumentative.
The pigeons are laughing at your previous altercation.
But, the wind soothes him for you.
Reminding him of the love he still holds, but is hiding from you.

Now, lift the memories you stirred in this pail.
Don’t speak a word, smile or twinkle your eyes.
Just enter his presence.
The flowers on the trees know that you are a lady,
do not belittle your beauty.
Look past the scowl on his face and see the smile that you love.
Don’t let his dry eyes be a limit in this equation.
Lift the pail to his eyes so he can cry too.
Crying the love he could no longer hold in,
The one belonging to you.


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