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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

I’ll float yonder.

I’ll float to that tree.

I’ll float to that limb.

I’ll float to that leaf.

I’ll float to that breeze.

I’ll float yonder.

I’ll roll yonder.

I’ll roll to that blade of grass.

I’ll roll to the me in that piece of glass.

I’ll roll to that orange at the trunk.

I’ll roll to that ray of Sun.

I’ll roll yonder.

I’ll sprint yonder.

I’ll sprint that forest.

I’ll sprint across that pond.

I’ll sprint to that cliff.

I’ll sprint to that port.

I’ll sprint yonder.

I’ll gaze yonder.

I’ll gaze at the lines in my palm.

I’ll gaze at the ships in the sky.

I’ll gaze at the droplets on my toes.

I’ll gaze at this park one last time.

I’ll gaze yonder, a second time, before I say good-bye.


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