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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

Well, in the sand,
here I stand again.
Static in front of a beauty so dynamic,
your eyes and smile make the perfect blend.

A sweet number of feet,
down the shoreline you lay.
Mesmerized, you are, by the beauty,
in the heights of the waves.

To the Sun,
I ask for its teasing to calm.
For today I need it more than ever,
to dry the stubborn ocean in my palms.

With my toes in the warm sand,
my nervous butterflies keep them tingling.
And with moist lips hiding our potential future,
I still haven’t mastered the art of mingling.

Can you see through my lenses?
Hiding eyes that are sensitive to rejection.
Thank you, Sun, for giving them a use,
Though they don’t have UVBeauty protection.

But lucky for me,
I hold the Luck of the Writer.
Knowing words so elegant,
making your spot in the sand feel clouds lighter.

So, I will write you a carnival,
fireworks and colors included.
A show that will make you pause and live,
from this beach, you’ll feel so secluded.

While I write,
I sit here with a smile.
Making quick glances at you pouting from boredom,
for you, poking out your lips is in style.

Your carnival is ready to begin,
folded in the shape of a plane.
Your beauty will be surrounded by beauty,
dropping colors of bliss you won’t want to tame.
It is now out of my hands.
Soaring towards the miles in your curls.

And for once I’m not nervous,
because I know you are the girl in my world.


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