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No Regrets/No Sweat

Surfing the Waves Life Sprayed Out the Hose

5:15 is the hour that I have my day planned out in my mind
Morning: Nothing, Noon: Nothing, Dusk: Nothing.
Realistically, that nothing is exactly nothing.
Ideally, that nothing is the key to my day’s something that is locked away in my dreams

In my dreams, my morning opens with the stories of my film projector.
I am married to Pain, Adventure, Romance and Action.
Many times, it seems, the director amalgamates them all into one emotion.
And when the audience is introduced to this emotion, the curtains divide and they enter my Noon.

My Noon is truly the climax in my franchise of thoughts.
It IS the remedy to my imagination’s eternal and my self-conscience anxiety.
The best of my noon is, many times, justified by the songs that I sing or the lyrics I write in the breaks of my day.
Weather plays a prominent role in my mind; as well as others in the Noon.
My imagination has an undeniable affinity for the rain.
For every drop of inspiration there is, indeed, a story to be written and a heart to be moved.
According to my God given habit, those hearts are then moved into my Dusk.
My Dusk is, indeed, the safe-haven of stressed souls that suffer woes from unkind words.
It is when I review the feelings I’ve conveyed to the public and the caliber of love I have shown to the forgotten.
Alike the Noon, the setting of the Sun is the remedy to my imagination’s eternal and my self-conscience anxiety.


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